Responsible Gaming

Keep it fun:

Enjoying online casino games is a fun and exciting thing to do but this must always stay fun and exciting. The only way to do this is to bet within your personal limits and never to exceed these. This is normally not a problem but sometimes it can arise that you may question yourself and your playing habits. For this reason Free Spins Casino has a few different options which also include blocking your account for a certain period of time. Beside account blocking here are a few different option that may suit you better:

  • Set a deposit limit to any amount.
  • Give yourself a maximum time to play per day.
  • Another option is to set a bet limit which cannot be instantly replaced.
  • Setting a loss limit is another useful and handy tool offered.

If you decide to change any of your limits then a decrease will be active directly but any increase will only be active after seven days. To set your personal limits simply visit the my account section and select the responsible gaming tab on the left side.

Wagering and limits:

Every customer is setup with standard limits after registering an account for the first time. These limits can be changed at your own discretion and can be found on the player tab when logged in. As stated before it is important to understand that lowering any limits will be activated immediately after the confirmation button has been hit but this does not apply for raising any limits. The raising of a limit means that the action will only happen after seven days so there is no use in trying to cancel or raise previous set limits if you wish to make use of them straight away. This rule also applies for locking your player account, it cannot be reversed. If you wish to lock your account for a certain amount of time then this is possible but be advised that the account cannot be unlocked until the agreed time has elapsed. The only way this is possible is if you get in touch with our support team and fill in a form which asks specifically what the reason was for locking your account in the first place. This is not something that is normal practice but can be done in special circumstances which need to be explained.

As Free Spins Casino is very focused on security and safety there might be cases where if you deposit with a credit card you will be asked to validate your identity. This will be done by the support department and you will be asked to send a few documents by email or live chat. This is a simple and fast process.

Free Spins Casino requires every player that would like to withdraw funds to go through the identity validation process. This is a process that can be done fast and efficiently by contacting our customer support team. This is a one-time process and after it has been done will never be requested again unless you choose to deposit or withdraw using an unknown credit card or bank account. This process is compulsory for all players and even for the casino as it is an important part of the license which has been granted by the Maltese Government.


Free Spins Casino has the option for everyone to exclude themselves from playing and even logging into their account. This is again a simple process and can be done with a few mouse clicks. When logged in please visit the ‘my account’ section and the responsible gaming tab that appears on the left side. Please do be aware of the fact that if you choose to close your account permanently you will not have access to your account and all pending transactions need to have been processed fully. Reversing your action or trying to reopen a locked account is not possible so please make sure you want to do this.


It is very possible that you may want to speak to someone from the support team about your account or even your gameplay. This is not uncommon and the Free Spins support team is always available to listen and help where possible during opening hours. Visit the support page of the site and get in touch for all your questions about responsible gaming or setting limits to your account. It is in the interest of Free Spins Casino to have customers but only happy customers and customers that know their limits and can enjoy gambling online in a responsible way. 

Gambling problem?:

As gambling online is becoming ever more popular it is very important for everyone to keep control of their hobby. If you feel that you may have a problem or even are losing control then please visit these sites for help. These sites are not just for gambling addicts but for everyone that thinks they might need some help or even just information about how a gambling problem might arise and can be tackled. 

These sites hold information even for gamblers that just want to be aware of the dangers of gambling. Please take your time to visit them even if you do not have a problem as they can be very useful just to be aware of the different problems that can arise when gambling online: