Privacy Policy

Privacy is guaranteed at Free Spins Casino:

Every player at Free Spins Casino both large and small are treated the same way when it comes to privacy. All personal data is stored on secure servers and cannot be accessed by unwanted third parties. Any personal data will never be used, sold or even given to third parties without prior written consent.


Free Spins Casino does store player information just like any other casino and uses this data to improve the overall experience for users. This data is used at the end of the day to provide a better service and experience for yourself as well as other players. All financial data that has to be shared with a third party is always sent in the encrypted form and stored on a secure server that has been tested and verified. Every visitor on the site is tracked and monitored and addition information is added to the database for future reference.

Personal information:

Free Spins Casino collects data from all visitors and can be used for the following:

  • Offer a more personalized service
  • Efficiently dealing with customer queries
  • Marketing activities such as surveys and questionnaires
  • Player contact for relevant free spins promotions

Casino marketing:

At Free Spins Casino everyone has the option to opt in or out for marketing activities. This means that you have the option to choose if you would like to receive promotional information or not about free spins. This can be changed at any time and can be found when logged into the account and within the My Account section of the site. When opting out for promotion marketing you will never be contacted with offers and information about the services. This is not recommended but is entirely up to you, the customer.


We make use of cookies on our website to track customers to hopefully offer a better gaming experience. Cookies are small pieces of information that are placed in a file on your computer or mobile device. The cookies placed by Free Spins Casino are not and should not be dangerous in any way but merely improve your gaming experience as a whole. It is possible to not allow the placement of cookies and this can normally be found in the menu bar of each browser. Although we recommend not to switch off the acceptance of cookies it is entirely a choice of each player individually. 

Information Disclosures:

Free Spins Casino does not in any way disclose player information to third parties unless they are part of the group of companies that belong to Free Spins Casino, suppliers, law enforcement agencies, Government bodies, business partners or any other entity that may be on a need to know basis. The further disclosure of information will only happen if Free Spins Casino is ordered by a legal body to do so.

Other website links:

It is very possible that this site links to third party websites that do not have the same policy as Free Spins Casino so please be aware of this. Free Spins Casino is in no way responsible or cannot in any way be held responsible for the information or actions of third party websites. 

Data access right:

It is the right of every customer to ask for the data Free Spins Casino holds. This can be done in writing by addressing a letter to the following address:, 26 Ghar id-Dud Street, Sliema, Malta.

Internet-based data transfer:

By using the website you understand that data is collected and transferred over the internet which can also mean international data transfers. It is important that you understand that you are acknowledging this by using the website,