Ready to claim your first free spins?

As you may know by now, Free Spins Casino awards all players with Free Spins on every deposit! To help you along you can find the different deposit options on this page as well as how to withdraw when you have a nice win. These withdrawal requests shall be processed within 24 hours, so that you have your winnings back in hand as soon as possible.

All transactions are guaranteed safe:

Free Spins Casino has player safety and security high in its priority list and can therefor guarantee that all transactions are encrypted and sent over secure lines. There are is no data lost on the way and both credit card details and/or player details are always handled within the organisation with the utmost respect.

Show you the Money:

Just like any casino both online or even offline playing for real money brings along the risk of winning. This is something we are all after and when it happens we are delighted to help you make sure the funds reach your preferred withdrawal method as soon as possible. Our payment and financial team work Monday to Friday and during these days are all too happy to process your withdrawal. A withdrawal that has been added to the system before 06:00 shall be dealt with on the same working day. Any withdrawal that has been added after this time shall be passed forward to the next working day.

Stop, I want to play:

From past experiences we have found that players winning on Free Spins Casino sometimes wish to cancel a withdrawal and keep on playing the great games offered. This is possible by just logging into your account and  pressing the cancellation button. All the funds that were set to be withdrawn shall now be placed back into your casino wallet  and can be played with again.

We want to know our customers:

Just like any other regulated online casino, Free Spins Casino is bound by rules and regulations when it comes to funding and withdrawing. This means that we have the right to ask you for documentation that supports the information you gave us when registering an account. This process is a one-time thing and once your account is verified you can deposit and withdraw as much as you may want.

To make life easier for you as a player we have made it possible to send your documents to our customer support team by either email or live chat. Regardless of how you send them, we will make sure to process them in a fast an efficient manner. The documents that needed to be sent are as follows: copy/scan valid passport or EU ID, a utility bill no older than three months and a copy of the credit card used to deposit or a screenshot of your e-wallet account.